Finding My Vice: A Review

 Some smoke, some drink and I shop. Most recently my hand has been reaching out to make up over clothes as a form of retail therapy (seriously, that stuff works). I've been working hard and after a few rubbish days and not finding comfort in H&M, a new 'treat yo self' lipstick called my name. After reading Claire's review of Urban Decay lipsticks, I quickly found myself in Debenhams and already had an idea of my next lippy companion. It would be a therapeutic tool in the most calming pink shade.

 Don't know about you, but I find doing my make up therapeutic in itself so buying make up is a way to sustain this and investing in a good lipstick, every now and again, is most worth it. Urban Decay's Backtalk from their Vice collection, is the most perfect pink/nude/mauve tone for me and my pale skin. Nude lipsticks have hit the big time, probably thanks to a certain Kardashian and her scandalous pout and I was still on the look out to find that perfect shade for me. When I saw reviews and swatches online, I liked the look of it and when the make up artist at the UD counter put it on me...well. Let's just say I found my vice.

It was the refreshing look I wanted and instantly my short tempered mood had been lifted. The lipstick made my mouth grin from ear to ear. 'Sold!' I beamed to the sales woman and my bank card flew out of my bag faster than Mo Farah. (Yeah. I just made an Olympic pun. Keeping up with the times and all).

It has a marvelous staying power, even working in a humid bar, with my face being steamed by the dishwasher, it's that powerful. Backtalk's formula is so creamy and glides on easily which means it doesn't dry out your lips unlike Mac's matte lipsticks. After trying Urban Decay's Vice lipsticks, I don't think I'd waste my money on Mac, to be honest. I have 2 and I find them to be so harsh and shows up all the dead skin. Ew. If I'm going to be spending any money on fancy lipsticks, Urban Decay is my go to. With names like "Backtalk" they're too sassy to say no to. *Enter sassy click here*

And as for the packaging? I flipping love it. With the brand subtly placed on the side and the logo imprinted on the product, I think it is absolutely lush. The shine of the product means it wont get lost in my handbag on those nights out. It is my little beacon of hope and light that compliments outfits for every occasion.
It is my feel good buy, my sassy smile, my vice. 

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