How To Fringe It In A Day

Time is of the essence. As Colin Cloud said in his mind blowing show, Expose (9pm at The Fringe), "We are all running out of time", so naturally when I am only through in Edinburgh for the day, I want to to get all the greatness that the Fringe Festival has to offer. I have been a strong supporter and go-er of this festival, the only festival I have not missed for the past 6 years and I'll say it, it's better than Christmas. It comes around once a year, the city is alive with everyone from all over the world, flyers fly towards you as you run and duck towards your next show and still, it's a festival you do not want to miss.

Plan It Like A Boss
Although it's on for a month, sometimes you can't immerse yourself in it for the entirety, cus y'know, life, but I managed to head down the road for the day and let me tell you, it's all about planning. 
Get the brochure, look online and make a note of all the shows you'd like to see on that day.
I reccomend looking at the Underbelly, Traverse and Assembly venues as they have a great variety of performances from theatre, comedy, musicians and dance. There will be something to take your fancy without a doubt!

Be An Early Bird
Once you have your shows and days, make sure you give yourself time to get the venue. They can be pretty tricky to find at times and they stretch all over the city (mainly the Old Town though) and for god sake print ALL your tickets right at the start of the day.
Speaking of "start of the day" DO start early. A lot of talks and workshops and expeditions can start as early as half 9. Big Bite Size Breakfast Show at the Pleasance Dome starts at 10:30 and with a coffee and some laughs, it will set you up for the rest of the Fringy day. I managed to catch Aaand Now For Something Completely Improvised at 11:45 which is one show you cannot miss. The actors are quick witted and has jokes up their sleeves for everyone (apart from the Tories. They are the joke). But I'll be reviewing that show at a later date.

Know The Distance
Give yourself at least 30mins-45mins to get to your next venue, unless you're seeing things around George Square, because everything is about 5 minutes (keeping in mind the bombardment of flyers you dodge to avoid). Also, arrive about 15 minutes before the show to avoid sitting behind woman with the big bun eating loudly. And you don't want to walk in 5 minutes late like some folk did when I saw My Romantic History. *le sigh*

Royal Mile It
You need to brace yourself for this one. The Royal Mile is the heart of the Fringe Festival. Along the mile performers parade along the cobbles, giving sneak peaks of their shows or just wanting to catch your attention long enough for them to hand a flyer or even a discounted ticket. I managed to grab 4 sets of free tickets by walking along the Mile. At the end of the day, they just want the seats filled. You might even be introduced to shows that you would necessarily go looking for, but it might end up being the best thing you'll see. Or not. Only one way to find out.

Free Time? 
Got some free time between shows? Head to a Free Fringe Venue, I saw a hilarious comedienne, Ashley Storrie at the Three Sisters for free. There are plenty of fab free shows and musicians to keep you entertained. Grab yourself a Free Fringe Fest magazine

Night Owls
You've only got one day, at the ends when the sun comes up the next morning, right? There are plenty of comedians and live music performing through the night, shows starting at 11pm and then the clubs are open till 5 (Hive till 5 is the legendary-for all the wrong reasons- club for skint students and unknowing tourists. But 'YOLO') and then McDonalds opens for a classic after night out breakfast.

I sadly could only spend one day in Edinburgh this month and I'll be sharing my thoughts on the shows throughout the month of August.
The Fringe Festival is fast paced, fun filled and an experience to be had. Become enthralled in it and embrace every aspect of the magical time of year. Even if it's just for one day, let that be the day.

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