#STUDENTLIFE: Grab A Grad Job*

No, I haven't graduated. I still have a long 3 years ahead, but that doesn't stop me from thinking about that wonderful moment of throwing the cap in the air. I am seeing the majority of people I went to school with graduate this year and as the novelty of caps and gowns wear off, the fear of finding a graduate job is begining to hit. Well you've worked so hard, partied harder, I suppose you'd want to do something with that degree right? So I've searched high and low and found some tips.

Recruitment Agencies
It's a scary thought, but don't let the figures of unemployment rates put you off. There are ways to grab yourself a graduate job and there can be a light at the end of the tunnel. You might feel like you have no idea where to start, but as there are graduates hunting, employers are hunting for employees too. Recruitment agencies such as Spotlight* are there to help, to guide you to the right sector and companies can use them to look for a fresh young face. There are different recruitment agencies that are tailored to different industries so use that to your advantage to grab the right job for you.
Spotlight focuses on marketing and has a list of all the seperate sections of marketing that you might like to work in such as 'digital media', 'e-commerce', 'digital marketing' and 'creative and agency'.

Experience Before Experience
You know the line; "Experience needed." And the whole argument of,  "But how do I get experience is no one gives me a chance?" Well here's the secret. Make it for yourself. Marketing is becoming one the most popular degrees and with the digital age in it's prime, there are jobs out there. With this, using social media as a tool for experience can get you noticed. Take this blog for example, I use twitter and Facebook daily to promote it and work with other bloggers and brands. There's a nack to it, skills you pick up, so don't afraid to emphasise them.

Build A Portfolio
 Marketing Assistance, Louise (from lovefromloulou.com) advices that from any experience, be it; paid, unpaid, made on your own, you can use it to build a portfolio. It gives you that one up on those with 'just a degree'. You have that little extra and gives you a talking point in interviews. Portfolios of work can be used in a range of careers so don't be scared to show exactly what you're made of. You don't get anywhere for just sitting back.

Researching the companies that you're applying for is a must. Spotlight highlights the brands that they work with so you have an idea who might be having a gander at your CV.  Not only can you tailor you CV to employers but in the interview you can impress them with you knowledge of the company and what skills they're looking for.

Nobody said it was easy, but nothing comes to those who wait, you need to be proactive and get searching, researching and creating for that goal job. To everyone who graduated this year, well done and good luck. If you have any other tips on grabbing a grad job, let me know in the comments and share your stories!

*This post has been sponsored but my words and research are my own. Please see Disclaimer page for more info.

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