Be Abnormal with Deciem Beauty*

Do you ever find yourself stuck in a beauty rut? Using the same products over and over again? My rut got shaken up with products from Deciem*, The abnormal beauty company*, leaving me thinking, how have I ever lived without them?

 "We're a humble and happy umbrella of good beauty brands. We're founded on the principle of doing everything others don't do and we are changing the world of beauty based on this principle."

Priding themselves with being different and working with a range of new brands, their concentration on the chemistry of beauty products flow through from the packaging of little glass bottles and through the website with geometric shapes. It's hard to describe, but go and have a look here and you'll see what I mean. You'll be having flashbacks of test tubes and the periodic table from your chemistry classes. 

Now on to the products which is something worth sharing with you...

Sleep isn’t one of my strongest skills and with working late at a bar, my dark circles under my tired puffy eyes are currently at their worst. I usually just pack on make up and deal with it, but that left me with dry under eyes and always running low of concealer. Bring in Hylamide SubQ Eyes* serum!

Deciem Beauty review

Deciem Beauty review 2Honestly, it changes everything. I never usually buy any products for tired eyes as I’m quite skeptical of their promises, yet, this one does what it says on the tin (box). It brightens, hydrates, de-puffs and I’ve noticed that my dark circles are no longer, that dark. They haven’t vanished, but the deep purple has almost turned into a lilac.

It is a thick formula that has one of those dropper to pick up the product which reminds me of being back at chemistry class, and a little goes a long way. It slightly tingles for a few seconds and then as I let it dry, my first words as I looked in the mirror was “oh wow!”
As a little does go long way, I wouldn’t mind splurging on this “wow” product. And as freshers week is soon to begin again, I think my hungover self will be reaching for it more and more.

Deciem Beauty review 3

Along with the SubQ product, I have been testing out the Booster C25* serum which boasts to brighten the skin, minimise the appearance of fine lines and uneven skin tone. It can be also used as a primer, but I haven’t let go of my everyday primer yet. The formula feels like an oil and the applicator is the drop stick (is that what it’s called?) again but this time, I find it a bit more tricky to apply as the oil is runny. It makes my skin feel really soft though but would I spend my cash on it? Probably not as I haven’t noticed much changes in my skin so far. However, they do have LOADS of skin care serums and oils that might suit me more. I was actually a little overwhelmed at how much they offer depending on your skin type.
 Deciem Beauty review4

Deciem Beauty review shampoo

However, the HAND Chemistry Retin Oil* is definitely something I have at the top of my list. My skin on my legs is so sensitive and dry as most lotions irritate but the oil soaks in quickly and locks in moisture without any itching or rash outbreaks, yay! Another surprising product was the HIF Cleansing Conditioner.* Tailored for curly hair, it is almost like a 2-in1 product which is something I never go to but this product is describes as “professional cleaning for hair” and HIF (Hair Is Fabric). It cleanses the hair while with oils and rock extracts leaves it conditioned and tames the frizz.  HIF has hair cleansers for all hair types to suits your needs so do have a gander.

I’d say the price range is middle of the road, maybe not student budget but the Retin Oil and eye serum is definitely something I would save my pennies for. Also, check out their abnormal website and see their mahoosive range of products they have to offer for yourself.

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