Ditch the Negativity And Take Control

Easier said than done, I KNOW! God knows, I know! But how many times have you found yourself stressed or mental health knocked by what I call 'external reasons'. External reasons are the ones where other people's actions have had an effect on you. It could be something they said or did to you, or to someone else. This is them having control over your emotions. The only person who should control how you feel is you. Not a customer from work, not a flatmate or that person you keep hooking up with. Other people do not deserve the right to make you feel shit.

For the past couple of months, I've been ignoring my mental health. My brain screaming at me to get a grip, work harder and not get distracted by external factors. Yet, I find myself in the same situation week after week and left feeling miserable. Why? Because I let it. It doesn't make me weak, it makes me human, I suppose. Letting one thing take control because in that moment it seems like the right thing to do, knowing full well the consequences. But as I sit, reminiscing over the life I had when I felt I had it all, I know I want it back. That fire in my soul that took no shit, full of positivity and kept moving forward.  Instead I just lie in my bed think about what I don't have.

Why do we do this to ourselves? We do we think it is okay? There is a mass of standards set by society; how we should look, feel, have a relationship, higher education and how far along the career ladder we should be by the age of 30.  We have been contorted into believing that we need to meet these standards but that puts so much pressure on us that can be avoided when we accept that it doesn't have to be that way and we can be happy and positive in other ways.

Annoyingly I keep seeing too many articles and tips and tricks on 'How to find Mr Right' and in time, I see it happen to so many people, the measurement of self worth is based on your relationship status. Whether or not it's serious, I see so many people in search for a someone to feel 'complete'. This brings me back to these 'external factors'. The only person who should determine your happiness is you. So, if something is making you anything but happy, think of your mental health. It is your choice to get rid and take that unnecessary stress away. No matter how difficult it may be, in the long run, you will most likely be in a better place. It is our lives, our own life, and we can be in complete control of our surroundings and what we let effects us. It takes guts to cut out toxic situations but with that strength we muster up at its most needed, we find our self regaining our pride and self love.

There are some things you can't control which brings with it a stormy cloud and you might have to let that pass over and work through it, so why would you let anything you can control get the better of you while you have so much other crap to deal with?

Start cutting out the negativity and stresses from your life with power and strength, and keep the strength so you don't turn back to the familiar ways, and a weight will lift off your shoulders, giving you more room to breathe and allow more light and happiness in.
Stress and sadness is no way to live a life and as I always say, you only have one life so you might as well live it. And live with happiness.

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