Stand Against Trump

It is time to stake a stand. The world seems to be in turmoil everywhere you look. Tensions from East to West have been rising and they are only going to develop with the Presidency of Donald Trump.

Throughout his campaign his racism, hate and misogynistic views poured out of his mouth like lava. Using hate and aggression to rile the crowds up, he gained supporters leaving a trail of division. This feeling of divide is familiar to us Brits. Through referendums, politicians, media and of course, Brexit, our country has seen a rise in "alt-right" groups...or lets face it- Neo Nazi groups. While our Government has banned these groups, Trump shares these views with a lot of British people.

In fact, Trump is the face of it with Nigel Farage as his little hand puppet for the UK.

Donald Trump has been given the highest seat of power and in doing so, he is validating these ideas. He creates a 'strong alpha male' persona with his aggressive manner and extremist opinions. He promotes gun ownership and division within his own country. His little concern for humanity is shown through his policies and wants. And as soon as he took that oath, he made those ideals acceptable to the world.

It is those ideas that made him President. His promises and like some sleazy car salesman, he roped people into the passenger seat, setting them up for a bumpy ride. And people from across the world want to be a part of it, just as much. Just look at Piers Morgan! His sexist views have been given the 'okay' because they are very much shared by the American President and are allowed to be broadcasted on British television while his female co-host squirms uncomfortably.

After speaking to others, there is a fear of a development in racist and sexual attacks within Britain following from Brexit and the USA election. As a woman, I admit that I am terrified for the near future of Trump supporters within Britain. While we couldn't vote for him, I am very aware that many agreed with him as he stood by the podium on the evening news. Already members of our public are calling out on the media, news organisations with 'fake news' and 'alternative facts' allegation, they are the same ones tweeting that they would rather Trump than May. Are they also they ones who will grab us by the pussy?

If anyone is as scared as I am of the future of the world, who can see a world crisis unravelling before us, speak up and stand against it.  If you haven't before, support your sisters and brothers all over the world. We are human and on this world together.

Marches across Britain started at 6pm today in protests against his muslim ban. Our own MPs have been standing up and expressing their opinions-although PM May has been exceptionally quiet on the matter- and our marches from top of Scotland, England and Wales have forced an emergency debate on the matter in the House of Commons. There is an urgency that we, as Britons, state that we do not accept Trump's decision and as one MP said, should not indulge him and honour him during his state visit. She said we should not stay silent on this "It is not the British way" and that our international nation has made it the strong Britain we have.

Now is the time for our nation to stand together as one. We should not accept his values to our land, we should not allow his venom to poison the minds of our people. We need to stand together now more than ever.

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