How to deal with the "bleh" days.

They can just happen. Sometimes it's as soon as you wake up slowly the day starts to have this weight upon it and suddenly it's 5pm. You haven't done anything apart from drink copious amounts of coffee and binged through a netflix series. The to do list is collecting dust and uni books are scattered on the bed in a pathetic attempt to do work.

I feel drained, tired and slugging and I have done nothing all day. How has this happened?! I ask myself. I know this feeling well and have kind of figured out how to combat it.

First thing's first: Don't beat yourself up! 
Don't feel guilty about wasting your day. It happens.

Get off your phone!
Or at least disconnect it from the internet. This has been my biggest revelation in 'self care'. A study from Northwestern University revealed that people using their phones more, were more likely to be depressed or prone to depression. Only last week, I found myself scrolling through facebook, instagram, twitter and every other social media platform for hours. I was left feeling low, over analysing things and wondering why nobody was chatting to me. All these people online and not one person had even tagged me in a meme. I am well aware how mad I sound. This is what happens when I spend too much time scrolling. I'd hate to admit that my self worth is valued by an online persona and online activity...but as I spent an embarrassingly long time switching through social media apps, I start to be consumed by it all.

 So I cut myself off from the source of all digital media consumption. Turned off wifi, 3G and laptop. I read a book for the rest of the evening and wrote some things instead. I felt fresh and refocused on the life in front of me-not on the screen.
You are not going to miss anything that important. You can live without the insta's and facebook likes for a few hours. I promise, I'm living proof.

Get a fresh focus. 
Bleh days usually make a mind feel cloudy and bored. Once you've stepped away from the laptop, pick up something different. A book or a magazine or even cooking. Concentrating on something else apart from social media, netflix and how you could have done, can get those brain cloggs turning again-readying yourself for a more successful day, tomorrow.

Go outside.
Just get some fresh air! Go for a walk to a shop, a walk around somewhere, just get outside for a bit. You don't have to go hiking up a mountain but even just that 20 minute walk will help shake off that slugging feeling. If you want to exercise that's cool-that helps too but I'm no t the right advocate for that-even more so on these bleh days- so I'm not going to preach it.

To do lists.
Write a new to do list-a realistic one- for the next day. Don't stress. Take a deep breathe. You can still start it before the day is out, if you really want to. Or take tomorrow as a fresh bright day.

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