Why So Snappy?

Was it a coward move echoing Cameron's move-are things getting too tough for May that she is suggesting a new government to take over Brexit? This is her legacy-following Cameron's Brexit butchering of our country- that was my first thoughts as I sat Wednesday listening to May’s snappy speech.

However, as she spoke, of the ‘hard brexit’ and ‘unity’ blahs-it became apparent to me that her “reluctance of calling an election” was obviously false.
The only true part that came from May’s mouth was the unrest within Parliament. The past couple of years we have seen Labour turn against its own leader and the battle of Brexit tear the Tories apart. May wants to silence them and her goal, it is my belief, is to shut Labour down, trying to show that they have failed and Tories will have their hands on our schools, NHS and then washing them from Europe.

I must hand it to her, as a political move, she has chosen her moment well. It is a maliciously smart decision. If she wins that is. She was not elected her PM seat, she inherited it. This snap decision has seemed to have kicked Corbyn up the arse a bit, quickly asking the right questions during QT in the House of Commons and it already showing his fighting fists (hypothetically speaking). Interestingly all her speeches is in reference to Brexit, with very little acknowledgment for the housing crisis or rise in poverty. Or is she trying to prove a point? Is she playing with Labour’s weakness-the lack of support that Labour has seen from the public? It is impressive that she has been able to keep this under wraps from the media and public concluding in a shocking announcement and a mad rush for parties to spin out their manifestos and campaigns.

The current political climate is overbearing with uncertainty and by holding this election-if Conservatives win-will be a giant rubber stamp on their position within Government. However, Corbyn has already made his away across to Wales and districts in England to campaign his support with excited and fired up speeches, pledging to save our NHS from the Tories privatisation and put more money into education by increasing the tax of those who earn more. Meanwhile May continues to waffle on about ‘unity’ and refusing to attend any televised debate. My fear is that many people still don’t feel that they are being represented by MPs and will struggle to vote for a party, Tories are repeating their promises about a “Hard Brexit”, Labour are emphasising their social and economic policies and Lib Dems are slowly making their way back into the public eye by being the “Anti-Brexit”. They realistically could be the party to support the 48% who voted remain.

May can stand confidently outside Number 10 and say her party will take us through Brexit and be the best for Britain, but this snap election has released the hashtag #GetToriesOut and there is a feeling of uprising against the party that is waving off Europe.

While I believe that we should be out of the Conservative’s claws, I also believe that we should not waste a vote. Do not vote for “anyone but the Tories”. Read the news, watch the PMQs, follow the parties through this mad campaign. I think May believes this will be an easy win for her, silencing to squabbles within and outside Westminster. But there are people who aren’t happy, many feel betrayed, cheated and unrepresented. I say, this is our chance to silence the Tories.

Today, I registered to vote while the kettle was boiling. Go vote https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote

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