The F Word

I see people squirm at the word. Feminist. Crinkling their nose up at it, pursing their lips and a not-so-sly eye roll signalling the, "oh here she goes again" thought.

Yes, here I go again. A drink after work has led me to speaking about the weakness of women that are portrayed in the majority of Leo Di'Caprio films. Which then probably spirals into a rant about Western media in comparison to the reality of life that women, not only in the west but in the east, middle east and Asia have to face. I then will conclude with a list of films that support feminism.

After the lecture, I'd take a sip of cider and say "sorry."

As if being a feminist, using the word feminist and feminism is something to apologise for. Sorry, I used a bad word. People hesitate before saying that word, stuttering it out in an apologetic matter as if we have just said "fucking cunt" in front of our toffee sucking grandparents.

Social media has allowed the word feminist to-dare I say it-go viral. This new wave of feminism has been taken on by a young generation, celebrities and discussions are happening, things are changing-nodding at you "#HeForShe. However, the term 'feminism' is still causing controversy and many people to turn away from the label, cringing at the thought of ever being associated with it.

Does this mean they don't want in equality? I don't believe so. The term feminism-through the media has been linked to negative connotations such as man hating, radical activism and Taylor Swift. For some, by labelling themselves "feminist" they are linking onto the same notions that have been spread through The Sun and pop culture. It torments me that this is the idea of feminism that many people are linking together. It's wrong and for those people who call themselves 'feminist' and promote women to 'rule the world' with the men under their feet-have got it wrong. I blame "White feminism"-the type of feminism that is so self indulgent, where trans people and men are excluded from their message, where the reasoning behind their "feminism" is only their issues. And the issue I have with that-is that there is a fucking hell of a lot more hat can be changed with the feminism movement that includes everyone to make the balance of the sexes-equal and to live in a more harmonious world. This sounds like a dreamer's wish, I'm aware, but it is my belief that if society pushes towards that as the main goal-we will be a lot closer than we are now. Any progress is good progress.

Lets be clear: Feminism is the idea that the sexes should be socially and economically equal.

Women have historically been oppressed and so feminism was put into action to level the playing field between the sexes. Now in the 21st century, there are still women being oppressed and oppression formed by an old ideology of how men and women should act. Feminism fights against that-for both sexes.

But we have the vote and equal pay? What you arguing about?

Because they are not the only issues that people face that deprives the progression of equality.
Because women are being sold, tortured and their lives ruined all around the world. Because they're women.
Because in many other cultures women are still under the expectation that their place is in the home.
Because 130 million girls are out of education and being dismissed their rights to learn.
Because men are still being silenced on voicing emotions and are still victim to the "manly-man" ideology.
Because those who do not fit into binary gender norms are still being singled out and facing discrimination.
Because women shouldn't expect to be sexualised or sexually harassed on their way to work, to home or at work.

And that's only a tiny snippet, a brief half nutshell of reasons why we need to push for equality.

For the argument of why FEMinism if it's for all... well there is a great article here that explains it. So you should have a read of that.

By pushing for equality the term 'feminism' should not be a bad word. I It should not be scared of, it should be embraced if you believe in equality.

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