Tips on Self Care

Relaxing is an art form. Not everyone can truly master the ‘zen’-the absolute mindless, guilt free, box set watching while melting back into the mattress after 10 hours of sleep.
Okay, a lot of people can do it.
But do a lot of people appreciate it?

I find it hard to totally relax. There is always something I could be doing and then I feel guilty that I’ve wasted my day. This then makes me stressed at night as I click next episode and “netflix and chill” becomes “netflix and stress”. But as part of ‘self care’- I allow myself days to be an absolute vegetable. Not because I’m feeling down or hungover-but because I deserve it. Staying bed hungover ends up feeling like a punishment from the vodka devil but if I choose to stay in bed and watch a whole season of Game of Thrones without the influence of a sore head-I bloody well will.

Giving yourself days off from just..adulting..allows you to recharge and appreciate the hard work that you do. I planned things that I wanted to do the next day, made a list of potential blog posts and scrolled through pinterest in a guilt free scroll. I do not owe anyone anything today. Just myself to let my shoulders relax into my pillow fort bed-the only stress I plan on enduring is from Westeros. After giving time and energy to your boss, customers, other- halfs, lecturers-it’s time to take some back just for yourself.

A self care day doesn’t mean that you can ignore all responsibility if things need to be done. Procrastination only enhances tension and there is a satisfying feeling from scoring things off on your to-do list. If you need to tidy the house-do it in your own time. Need to reply to some emails-do it from the comfort of your bed if it means you can continue to revel in relaxation. Sometimes I switch my phone off and other times I enjoy scrolling. It’s important to ‘check in’ with your mind and see what has been causing any stress to try and remove it from the day.

To my frustration, I’m not working as much as I want to but I am trying to find silver linings. Such as,  I am able to paint my nails and keep them pretty for a couple of days. By 8pm my bedroom had turned into a spa resort with face masks, pedicures and manicures included. Bar work and waitressing quickly takes a toll on hands and feet so I took some time with Barry M nail polish and Sally Hansen nail strengthener. It’s easy to forget about your wee tootsies and handsies but they need love too! They do so much and deserve a bit of TLC. When GoT was too intense to accompany my face mask-I vegged out on youtube. My current favourite youtubers are Hannah Witton and Leena Norms. Their shot vids are perfect for timing the mask. Don’t even have to set a timer on your phone.

Each self care day can be adapted to what you need and want. Calling your mates for a catch up or organising a gaming day with them counts. Like, you can do that AND wear a face mask. You could listen to that new album that you’ve been meaning to give some time to, watch a film that’s been sitting on your -to-watch list- for weeks. But it doesn’t really matter what you exactly do-as long as you allow it and makes you happy. Allow yourself to be kind to yourself. Relax. Recharge and slay the rest of the week.

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