#StudentLife: Top Tips For Freshers.

Freshers Week is here. Apple sour shots will be necked, the LAD chants will be loud and the freshers' flu will surely strike. These are just some of the things that first year students can expect in their first week experiencing student life. Naturally I have taken this opportunity to relaunch my #studentlife series where I will be sharing advice I have learnt, coping tips, shopping tips and sometimes a good old classic rant about uni. We're all in this together, right?

While it is all fun and games until you remember you have to go to classes, going off to uni can be daunting so from my 4 years of #studentlife,  I have collected some tips and tricks to help freshers make the most of their new student life.

1. Don't spend ALL your money.
You will regret it when you are eating beans out of a can.  Getting those student loans is exciting but it's time to be smart. Put some of it (half or a quarter) away into a savings account or under your bed, in a safe whatever suits.. With Santander you can create an online saving's account where you can easily transfer your money back and forth when needed. I do this every year when I get double SAAS in September so that I still have a bit of cash over the summer when I no longer get the loans but still have rent to pay. I promise you will thank yourself later.

2. Do join clubs and socs. 
Universities offer a range of clubs and societies from sport teams, student paper to the Harry Potter society. There will be something that should grab your interest and it is a great way to meet people of similar interests. Also, if you make your way into the club committee, it gives you extra merits. But more importantly-the night outs are iconic. If you are the last student standing after pub golf-you will go down in history.

3. Do Pre drink.
A classic money saviour and when in halls there will be countless flat parties before heading out the club. A cheap night out-only paying for entry and often you're too gassed to drink much in the over priced clubs. Go forth and down it, freshers!

4. Do go to uni! 
Yes the hangovers will be tough and it's easier to stay in bed and watch Stranger Things (I haven't even started it yet) but believe it or not you are there to learn. Don't neglect your studies and pass those exams. Then celebrate with fellow freshers.

5. Do organise movie nights.
Home sickness usually hits students at the same time. The parties aren't as frequent and deadlines might be looming. Best solution is getting your flatmates and new pals round, BYOD (Bring your own duvet) and have a massive movie night with ALL the dominos.

6. Do shop smart. 
Lidl, Aldi, poundland and Morrisons. These will become your go-to. Aldi and Lidl do v cheap food and the best gin for under £10 and Morrisons do great deals on food and crates of beer while Poundland is there for your uni note books and pens. ;

7. Don't shut yourself off.
I have seen it happen, I have done it myself. It is easy to go to uni and then stay in your little room for the rest of the day. You miss out on parties, society meetings and general socialisation. While this suits some-you might feel more homesick. I urge you to push yourself to get out! Even if you do a movie night, a dinner with a small group of people. Uni can be a lonely place and it only makes it worse it you isolate yourself.

8. Do speak to your tutor.
Feeling overwhelmed with forgotten course work because you're loyal to the sesh? Do speak to your tutors and lectueres. They DO want you to pass and will give you strategies and find way to help you out. They've done freshers week before too remember.

9. Do embrace student life and enjoy it. 
It's all down hill after that.

Good luck, freshers! 

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