Tried and tested: Sex-proof make up

Love it or hate it, Valentines day is coming. For some, like myself-it's just another commercialised driven day that really means nothing but sickly sweet cards and annoying facebook posts that I avoid at all costs. However, it can also be a day just to spend in bed with another human or a galentines day with your besties which goes from a "wee drink and lunch" to cutting some shapes in some sticky floor night club. And you're going to want make up that lasts no matter what.
I have tried and tested a vast amount of makeup over the years, to see what upholds the sweaty nights out and nights in. While I slip on something less comfortable, I like knowing that my face will always be dressed and made up. My go-to/ sweat proof make up that can stay on my face for a day in-in bed and only a little touch up for a night out needed is the make up that goes to the top of my list and earns the place on my desk. But why should I keep these secrets for myself? With these holy grails-you can serve face no matter where you are.

Too Faced Hangover X Primer

Just like good underwear-your base is crucial so that everything goes on smoothly. Ever since I started using this primer, my foundation lasts all day. It just keeps going. The primer is so hydrating and offers a light weight glow, think of it as a lubricant for a hard wearing foundation...Except the foundation isn't slipping everywhere...Revlon Colour stay is my everyday foundation which is a budget high street which I swear by but while this stays in place during my long uni hours and work day, thanks to the primer-I find another foundation beats it on nights out. 

Estee Lauder Double Wear

While this can dry my face out-it doesn't budge. This is the hard wearing foundation that can be stiff to blend but my god-it does the job.  I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with it but when I want to look my flawless best-I can't deny that I reach for it despite it's negatives. But then as long as you're moisturised and primed, double wear is your best friend in all hot and sweaty situations. 

Get those feline eyes on point with my holy grail eyeliner. Rimmel's eyeliner has been sent from above and once it goes on, it's on. I'm talking gym, night clubs, rain and anything else you can imagine. Like the clingy admire who just never leaves, but you like it. 

It's not just the name that is completely appropriate to this post-it is appropriate to wear in all testing lippy situations. This is the type of nude I love. It stays on no matter what. No touch up needed, no matter how many drinks or bottle you put to your mouth. I bought this for my 23rd birthday night out and while I partied and played, I woke up with my lipstick still intact. 
Rimmel; with your still liquid lipstick and hard wearing eyeliner, you're the best I've ever had. 

Makeup Revolution is like the underdog of the make up world. Like the man who didn't look like much...until later and you've had your mind blown and can't get enough. Animal friendly, vegan and not asking for a lot of money. I Heart Makeup's triple baked highlighter is a dupe for Too Faced but also has the glowing and staying power of The Balm Mary Lou. I always get compliments when I wear it out and it always stays glowing after a night in.

Of course, this isn't just for Valentines day, nor it's just for the stay in bed days. Long lasting, student friendly make up like Rimmel and Makeup Revolution is useful to know because when we're hustling we don't have time for make up touch ups. Ain't nobody got time for that. We've got better things to be doing... 

Comment if you think I've missed out on holy grail sweat proof make up and what are your Valentines day plans? 

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