Moving flat and keeping my sanity

Did you know moving flat is up there as the most stressful things along with divorce? It’s a thing. It is the sort of thing that I put off until about 4 days from the move out date and then I panic pack.

Moving is stressful, even if you’re eager to leave the old place, change can be difficult and the time pressure is strenuous. It is never easy. Things under the bed that you forgot about suddenly begs for attention and have you always had so many shoes or have they just appeared in the past 2 days? But despite my sleepless nights, 1000 pairs of shoes and tears, I somehow kept my sanity. Almost.

When my plea for more hours at work became noticed and given to me on the same week I was moving, the stress level increased, my sleep decreased and anxiety peaked. Time is of the essence, people! I couldn’t let my own mind get the better of me. At the end of the day, I had to be out of my flat and no matter how it would happen; I knew I would be moved. I had to break things down from “pack dressing table” and “pack kitchen stuff” but sometimes-even lists don’t work when you’re more stressed and frazzled than usual. Then it’s panic pack time. But whatever works for you. I suppose getting up early to pack before work was what got me through. A couple of hours of packing before work allowed me to feel like I was on top of things when dealing with a long and busy shift in the pub. Of course, taking time for yourself is also very important when you feel overwhelmed. Popping to my favourite café for a coffee and sandwich gives me a moment to breathe between work, life and moving.  It also gave me time to daydream about my new room; what furniture I would like, what colour scheme and sure enough, I found myself browsing multiple homeware and furniture stores in Glasgow and Edinburgh like BoConcept.


Keeping the excitement of a new place in the front of your mind can help keep stressful breakdowns at bay. For me it gives me a chance to get new furniture, new themes and a fresh start. It’s like a blank canvas. Furniture from BoConept in Glasgow can give any place a modern futuristic feel. The simplistic designs can fit into any flat and with pillows and throws of your choice, you can add your own personality

I find Scandinavian designs are a great theme and canvas to work with and when you finally get there and unpack, it all just fits into place. A blank canvas to work with is like a new page. A new start for you to create your next chapter with all the scatter pillows, throws and plants. And slowly but surely, the dust will settle and you can sink into your new bed for that well deserved restful night. 

*Disclaimer: Some products mentioned may have been sponsored or gifted but all thoughts, opinions and breakdowns are my own.

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