Having a Ball With The Lady Boys of Bangkok*

*This was kindly gifted but all opinions are my own.

The girls are back in town! Celebrating their 21 unbreakable years at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, they are showing off their biggest hits, with The Greatest Show Girls Tour! 

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre, in Fountainbridge, The Lady Boys of Bangkok invite their audiences into a circus-style tent draped in fairy lights with the aroma of Thai food that's served. The lights and music set you up for a night of fun and a night you won't forget.

Opening the show with The boys are back in town number that showcased each performer and we were brought into their world. It was hard to believe that they were all men as the ladyboys looked more glamourous that I could even be with glittery bodysuits and feathers flowing around their bodies. The host did a great job of grabbing our attention from the start and made appearances throughout the show in drag with strong lipsyncs. Even on a Monday night, many of the seats were filled which gave the performers a great advantage when they pulled audience members up on the stage to be part of the act. The main solo performances stole the show with their over-the-top lipsync and hilarious gags. 

The performer, I believe to be called, Ole, pulled a man on stage to take part in a song about...coming. Ole had such a great way with the unexpecting men who, for the most part, were into it as much as the ladyboys. Ole had the audience in stitches and knew how to work her way around the stage. After each group number, it was a delight to see Ole come on, I knew I was in for a treat. There was a great amount of respect shared between the solo performers and their chosen audience members with a hug at the end as they were escorted back to the seat with a great big smile, knowing they had been part of a quality gig.

The outfits were dazzling, with rhinestones, glitter, feathers and gowns to make any show-girl jealous. Sadly, the sparkles weren't bright enough to blind me from the lack of energy, off-time movements and fed up faces that some of the dancers had. While there were performers who were SERVING it, it just made the ladyboys who didn't stick out. 

I don't know if they were tired or just bored, but the Little Mix number was a bit awkward to watch as each dancer failed to be in time to each other and because of the intimate arena, I could see it in their eyes that they were trying to remember the steps rather than perform to us. Even the performers who weren't ladyboys gave it 10x more energy and looked like they were having a ball, especially during the Freddie Mercury tribute with high kicks in tiny shorts and ear to ear grinning smiles.

Overall it was the embodiment of fun. A big group of the audience appeared to have been having a lot of fun prior to the show as they attempted to join in singing but the Ladyboys took it in their stride and laughed along with them and even got them involved in the YMCA on stage. There was no shame just smiles and most importantly pride. Throughout the show, a strong message of being "proud of who we are" was just as big and important as the ladyboys and tied everything together. With a solo of I did it my way, ensemble's of I am what I am and This is Me, The Ladyboys proved that they were proud to show off and proud to be in Edinburgh performing for us unapologetically.  

The highlight was at the end when the men came out in kilts to 500 miles and they all sung along to Loch Lomond. It was clear they knew their audience and what gets a crowd in Scotland on their feet and everyone got involved, even the bar staff flying our flag. The ladyboys of Bangkok know how to put a show together and can guarantee their audience to have a good time, especially in Edinburgh. I hope they continue their reign as one of Edinburgh Fringe's longest-running acts.  

Photo's taken by Talia Evans.

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